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Mini At-Home Studio

Updated: May 9, 2021

Don’t let COVID keep you from capturing these special moments & occasions.

These set-ups are simple ones you can easily set up in the privacy of your own home, indoors or in the backyard. Lighting equipment and studio set-up is not required for a professional looking portrait. These pictures can even be taken with a camera phone. It is all about that angle and a cute pillow or two! Backdrops on Amazon run about $5-$10 and you can drape them over a fence or tape/secure them to the back of your house. Save time and money by using props you have around the house first. Give it a shot, I bet you won’t be disappointed.

Here are two example of super simple set-ups in my house and in my backyard, with no studio lighting and one was shot with an iPhone. Good Luck and please comment below your finished images.

Valentine’s Day Rose Petals ❤🌹

Simple flash from my iPhone and a little tweak in photoshop.

First Birthday Session 🍩🍩

Everything you see here (except the donut) was purchased from Amazon for a better than fair price! Three pillow inserts, three pillow covers, a pink blanket and the sparkle backdrop. We draped that over the fence and the blanket went right on the ground!

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