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The Front Porch Project

In March 2020, as families across the globe were advised to stay-at-home, the idea bloomed where photographers capture families from well over 6' away as they pose on their front porches.


Call it a little bit of fun for families to dress up for that "updated family portrait" you've been too busy to get otherwise, or a fun, creative set-up documenting how you are truly living day to day through this pandemic.

This Front Porch Project has reached homes all across the nation bringing some much needed fun during this scary and unprecedented time in our lives.

I had the pleasure of capturing some, absolutely FUN and memorable sessions! So here they are!


I hope they make you laugh just as much as we were!!

We Masked Up

Unity. Awareness.

Conquer COVID-19.


We must protect ourselves & conquer. Join in on the reality of now. Mask up & flood social media with a close up of yourself to help develop positive protection against this unsettling virus.

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